Foto: Charlie Lindblom


My name is Jacob Jexmark and I'm a photographer and graphic designer located in Malmö, Sweden. 

I run a small photography and graphic design business but I am also a creative and head of digital content and media at a creative cross-over agency here in Malmö. We also have an office in Palma de Mallorca.

I have access to two photo studios located in different parts of Malmö but my main studio is located at Slussen.

My photography roots are in concert photography but my main focus is photographing people as in portraiture, editorial/fashion, fine art and fine art nude.

I truly believe that what gear you use have little importance. Vision, feeling, light and technique will always come first. A great image is a great image whether it's captured on an iPhone or a $40.000 PhaseOne.

I am available for all kinds of work world wide.

Please contact me for rates.